Water leaking is one cause of problems of every AC unit.  It is one of the symptoms that you AC is about to break down if not attended right away.  Ignoring it may result to a more serious problem in your AC.

Before fixing the water leaks of your AC unit, you must understand first what causes it to happen.  The following are the aircon tips on the causes of water leaks in your unit.

  1. Condensate drain line may have been clogged up.  This usually happened when molds, dirt, and other foreign materials clogged the tracks, which may result for the water to move back and look for an exit point.
  2. If you have a very old AC unit, chances are you have damage and rusty drain pan, which will allow water to just flow out of it.
  3. Installing your AC unit in a basement will need a condensate drain pump to do the job.  But, if the pump is already damaged, water will be accumulated inside the unit and will eventually come out in due time.  That may have caused the leaking.
  4. A dirty air filter will result for the evaporator to cool until it freezes.  When the ice melts, the drain pan may not be able to handle it and will drip down your AC.
  5. Less refrigerant will allow the evaporator to freeze and will convert to water when it melts.  This will overflow the pan.

Since you understand the cause of water leaking in your AC, it is now good to know some ways to fix it.

The solution

  1. Check if the condenser pump of the unit is functioning.  If it is damaged, water must have been accumulating inside your AC and will cause an overflow. If you have the connection and it still failed to pump, the motor should have caused the problem.
  2. Check for improper installation.  Sometimes the AC unit is not level, so water was accumulated in one part.  And if this overflows, this will come out of the AC.  Also, check for closed vents, as it adds pressure to the AC.
  3. Check the drain hole for any clogged up.  Often, it is clogged up by dirt and other substances. If it is so, remove anything that causes it to clog up and it should start to drain water again.
  4. Try to check the seal in the unit.  Maybe some need replacements because of damages.
  5. Check for any unsealed part of the unit.  Too much amount of dry air that enters the system will cause too much moisture that will cause water to drip later.  Close all openings and keep your unit airtight.
  6. Check the air filter and clean it of dirt and other substances.

The above-mentioned ways to repair aircon leaking unit should help you in setting your AC.  However, if it continued to leak water, call a qualified technician and let him diagnose and fix it for you.