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Benefits Of Aircon Servicing

Your air conditioning system needs proper maintenance to perform optimally and make your home or office feel more comfortable. An aircon system that is not properly maintained will use a lot of energy and increase your energy bills. As such, skipping aircon servicing can be a costly mistake. Here are the major benefits of regular aircon servicing:

Increases an Air Conditioning System’s Lifespan
Regular aircon servicing will help extend the lifespan of your aircon system. When one part of your aircon system is damaged, the lifespan of your air conditioner can be lowered. Regular aircon servicing can ensure that any aircon minor problems are discovered before they worsen.

The fact that it increases an air conditioning system’s lifespan can help you save money as the unit will serve you for a longer period of time. Remember that appliances usually lose 5 percent of their efficiency every year.

For Freezy Aircon, regular aircon servicing can ensure that you enjoy 90-95 percent efficiency for many years to its full potential. You have to spend a lot to buy an air conditioner and it is good that the conditioner serves you for a long period of time. Regular aircon servicing can help you achieve this.

Lowers Your Air Conditioning System’s Repair Costs
The fact that regular servicing can help prevent frequent breakdowns can help lower your air conditioning system’s repair costs. Keep in mind that without regular aircon servicing, you will have to spend more on aircon unit repair. Small aircon system problems should be fixed. Otherwise, they could worsen and become costly to fix.

Lowers Electricity Bills
An aircon system is energy efficient hence helping you lower your electricity bills. An aircon that is not serviced on a regular basis works twice harder to supply a room with cool air. This will increase the utility bill making it a good idea to service your aircon on a regular basis to reduce your electricity bills.

Improves Indoor Air Quality
If you would like fresh air to circulate throughout your home or office, consider regular aircon servicing. This is due to the fact that such servicing ensures that your air filters are always clean. Filters are very important as they are the ones that filter the air you breathe. Excellent air quality is important to a person’s health. A serviced aircon unit filters out toxins and circulates clean air inside a home or office. In addition, they also ensure that trash particles don’t damage your air conditioning unit.

Makes Your Air Conditioner Eco-Friendly
Your aircon can release man-made greenhouse gases or HFCs which can promote global warming. Regular aircon servicing can help prevent the leaking of these gases as the technician will be able to capture and recycles the gases. Therefore, regular aircon servicing can help make your air conditioner environment-friendly.

As you can see, regular aircon servicing is very important and something worth considering. It is good to ensure that you look for a good professional aircon servicing company by doing extensive research before selecting an aircon servicing company to get quality services.

Enhance Your Home With Folding Door Singapore!

Regardless of the overall size of your property, you can always make room for folding door Singapore. There are a myriad of ways that a folding door can come in handy— ranging from space separation or stashing away your closet goods. Oftentimes, homeowners need space near or beside their doors, in which case a bi-fold or multi-folding door is the only feasible answer.

3 Types Of Folding Doors To Consider

•Bi-fold doors: These doors are easily identified as they feature two narrow panels joined together by a small hinge. They run on a single track, and for this reason, you can actually use two sets in the same location as they can fold away. These door types are usually from sturdy PVC and are used for bathrooms or storage rooms due to their limited artistic appeal.

•Multi-fold doors: These doors are a bit different from the previous door type as they are generally larger, feature more panels, and their panels are properly framed on a track. The tracks you will find are generally made of either wood or metal. According to A4 Door, the doors themselves are usually acrylic or poly glass in order to provide a clear interior view of the home. Make no mistake, these doors are still solid and incredibly sturdy!

•Accordion doors: These doors still technically fall under the category of folding doors as they require even less space than bi-fold door singapore for cramped spaces. You can easily identify an accordian door by its ability to fold into many small narrow pieces with just one push.

Advantages Of Folding Door Singapore

Installing new folding doors throughout your property is an investment, and of course, you should consider all of the potential benefits. Some of the most common advantages of such doors will be outlined below!

✓Folding doors are a great way to accommodate small or narrow spaces. Many apartments or older homes are low on space and you wouldn’t be able to fit a traditional door in place to close off your bathroom or closet. A folding door is still a great finishing touch!

✓Though you probably wouldn’t think it, folding doors can be very modern and make a space feel more open depending on the actual design you choose. For example, multi-fold doors that feature glass can serve as a way to look outdoors or to separate a large living room.

✓Folding doors are easily installed by professionals so you don’t have to worry about getting the track installation just right. In virtually no time at all, you can have folding doors throughout your home.

✓Folding doors are always long-lasting and require virtually no maintenance on your part. Just clean your doors with a damp cloth or a specialized cleaner! Additionally, the materials these doors are manufactured from prevent you from having to paint and touch-up regularly.

All homeowners want a functional and more useful home environment. In fact, you can separate space better and add more style to your property when you consider the benefits of folding doors!

Why is My Aircon Leaking Water?

Did you find your aircon leaking water as soon as waking up? Undoubtedly, this scenario would be a cause for concern. With all the other bills you worry about, it looks like an air conditioning repair service will add to your expenses. But before you panic, it helps to learn the most common causes of a leaking AC unit and how to troubleshooting leaks aircon. Keep reading to identify the cause of the aircon leaking water and how to fix it with aircon servicing.

1) Leaking around the vent

Most homeowners notice water leaking around the AC vent. Thankfully, this problem is one of the easiest to fix. All you need to do is check whether any air escapes from the sides of the vent. If you find that there’s air escaping anywhere other than the grates, then you need to seal where the air escapes from. Head over to your local hardware store and buy caulk to effectively seal the leak.

2) Condensate drain line

If there’s too much water in the air vent, the probable cause is a clogged condensate drain line. Check the condenser unit and inspect whether the drip pan is overflowing with water. When the condensate drain line gets clogged, there’s nowhere for the water to pass through. You should also observe any signs of rust on the furnace. This is a more serious problem since rusting on the furnace could break down your unit in no time. Call an air conditioning repair company right away to address this problem.

3) Air filter

Another common reason why water leaks around the AC vent is a dirty air filter. The reason for this is that it causes your air conditioning unit to freeze up. When you turn off your unit, the frost melts and the water drips down. If you notice that the frost is minimal, then you could simply change the air filter to fix the issue and restore your unit to its brand new condition.

4) Air ducts

In many homes, the air ducts of AC units run through the attic, which is one of the least insulated spaces in a house. This is a recipe for a leaking aircon. But if you have access to your attic, then you can use an air duct insulation to put an end to the leak. This requires taking off the grate and wrapping the insulation around the vent component. If you’re not comfortable doing this, have a professional do it for you.

5) Sump pump

Have you already cleaned the condensate drain line but there’s still a leak? Your next step should be to check the sump pump. Most modern AC systems come with a float switch which turns on the pump once the water reaches a pre-defined level. You can try flipping this switch to see if it helps. It’s also possible that grime has built up around the switch, rendering it useless. Try cleaning it and then see how your AC unit performs after.

6) Refrigerant

It’s also possible that the root of the problem lies in a refrigerant leak. This is the case for air conditioning units that see a minimal leak. When you have insufficient levels of refrigerant, the unit cannot get rid of humidity from the air. This means any water sucked out of the air stays on the evaporator coils.

7) Evaporator coil

You may also be looking at a frozen evaporator coil. Expect the ice to melt once you turn off the system. The water drips out of the air vents as a result. Replacing the evaporator coils is a complex task. Be sure to leave this in the hands of an air conditioning repair expert to get the job done the first time.

Professional plumbing services commonly done for businesses

There are many aspects you need to consider when building a space for business. Whether or not the type of space you have is customer facing like a shop or a boutique where you expect customers to walk in from time to time; or back end production like a processing unit for online orders or a call center for your customer service line, the process of building it requires a team of experts from different fields.

Many business owners underestimate the value of getting experienced professionals in your construction team. Among the many aspects and areas of the build, the plumbing department definitely holds one of the most important. Plumbing ensures that your employees or customers has access to clean and useable water. When the use of water is involved in production it is even much harder to design and lay out the pipework.

If you find yourself looking for professional plumbing services  in SG for your business, then you have come to the right page. Below is an overview of the many types of plumbing services done for commercial buildings and office spaces.


Similar to a patient visiting a doctor, professional plumbing services offers consultation to distressed business owners. Either they are in the early stages of construction or has been in operation for a substantial amount of time, the need for plumbing services remains equal. Consultation aims to provide a proposal of what needs to be done and it also allows for opportunities to detect and diagnose any issues before they cause damage or cessation of business conduct. The latter can really hurt your income and brand image.


Even when the initial design has been laid out, you can’t just entrust the pipework to the construction workers hired by your contractor. Construction and plumbing operates as separate disciplines so leaving one to someone where it should not be left puts you at a greater risk of undesirable outcomes. The pipework is composed of a complex set of tasks that if you want it done right you should let the experts do the job.


When you are already at the stage where you are starting to feel the consequences of getting cheap labor in the construction phase, the professional plumbers in Singapore are still opening their doors for you to take advantage of their services. Repairs are commonly needed to correct faulty designs, construction errors, or to remediate issues caused by normal wear and tear. Depending on the type of materials used, repairs can also mean replacing old pipework with more superior products with better overall quality and performance. Rusting is one of the biggest causes of repair that leads to leakage and eventually to a dozen more problems.

Every business operates on the principle of minimizing waste. Investing in high quality services should always be seen as a form of investment. When an error occurs or when incorrect decisions were made resulting to damages, quick fixes from the right people with the right set of skills are needed to minimize lost and prevent future occurrences of the same nature.

All about Jurong Bird Park in Singapore

Jurong Bird Park goes by the tagline “Where Color Lives” was one of the first bird sanctuaries in Singapore. Built in 1974, the park has a natural environment for birds.

The 20.2 hectare property has around 380 species of birds. This free-flying aviary is the first of its kind with exhibits that feature categories of birds from predatory birds, flamingos, toucans, and birds located in specific continents or countries.

Activities for kids include play areas which allow kids to interact with bird species and learn from the exhibit at the same time. There is also the Bird Discovery Centre where educators, students, and other academics can learn about the different species of birds inside the park. The highlight of the centre is its interactive classroom where students can have sessions with experts and tour guides.

Feeding sessions and birds shows are also very popular among visitors. Tourists can feed parrots and other birds to interact with them. The bird shows start at 10 am and the last show begins at 4 pm. People can find these shows in the Pools Ampitheatre, Hawk Arena, and the Songbird Terrace.

Aside from the feeding sessions, tours can be scheduled to visit the areas you want to see in the park. These guided tours are both educational and fun which makes it a go-to option for groups. There are also the photography booths for individuals and groups to take pictures with birds to bring home as souvenir.

Special events are also held in the park to promote their advocacy. The flagship program is the biodiversity conservation of the wildlife and ecosystem in the country.

Themed cafes and restaurants can also be found inside the park showcasing popular dishes in the country and they have a kids menu. Visitors can also go to the gift shops found at the entrance and inside the park. You can find stuff toys of your favorite birds and different souvenir items inside.

Order tickets online through their website right here. You can also order at the entrance or their authorized ticketing centers. Tickets are sold at 29 SGD for adults and 19 SGD for kids. The park opens 8:30 am and closes 6:00 pm. There’s plenty of time to enjoy the entire bird park.

C2B2’s Synergy

History of C2B2

The Colorado Center for Biorefining and Bioproducts (C2B2) is a cooperative research and educational center devoted to the conversion of biomass to fuels and other products.

C2B2 is a research center of the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory and is supported by state, institutional, and industry funds. C2B2’s partner institutions include:

Center members and researchers have the capability of utilizing specialized facilities at each C2B2 site location. Our personnel work to establish ground-breaking research and educational programs for the advancement of renewable energy technologies. We aim to accelerate the rapid introduction of these innovations into the marketplace.

C2B2 provides private industry with one-stop access to researchers, laboratories, students, and educators from four pioneering institutions, each having unique strengths in biofuel and biorefining application areas.

C2B2’s integration offers unsurpassed research and educational opportunities for students, researchers and industry.

Come, be a part of our synergy.

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