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Undergraduate Jobs with Our Synergy

C2B2/NSF REU Program

C2B2 offers an exciting program for undergraduate students to spend the summer in colorful Colorado doing biorefining and biofuels research at one of our four collaboratory institutions. This ten week program is packed with cutting edge research, laboratory tours and one-of-a-kind group activities. Funding for the program is provided by the National Science Foundation (NSF), Industry Sponsors, and the State of Colorado.




2010 REUs"The C2B2 REU was by far the best undergraduate experience I have had. I learned that my skills and knowledge in chemical engineering could be applied toward producing solutions to the alternative energy sector." - 2012 REU Student

"I really have a better idea of what I want to do with my degree, which is definitely going to grad school to pursue a career in research" - 2010 REU Student  



Undergraduate Research Opportunities

C2B2 maintains a network of principal investigators (PIs) and research teams at CU, CSU, CSM and NREL.  Undergraduates interested in performing research in a field related to bioenergy and biofuels may contact faculty directly in order to pursue part time employment or hands-on laboratory research experience.

It is the student’s responsibility to identify an investigator or research field of interest and make contact with PIs in order to request and/or pursue an employment opportunity. Students should be prepared to provide PIs with relevant information related to prior academic course work and laboratory research experiences.

Start your search! To aid students in the identification of a research field of interest and potential laboratory experience, C2B2 provides lists of principal investigators organized by institution location and research thrust area.


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