If you’ve been looking to remodel your home or you’re in the market for a new apartment, you’ve likely noticed that the world of interior design is changing. The interior design trends that are sweeping the globe right now are very different from those of 10 or even 5 years ago.

So, what are the most popular interior design trends Kuala Lumpur? Here are 7 trends that are taking over the city from Houz Design.

Trend 1 – Natural Design

Kuala Lumpur is slowly embracing the natural aesthetic. In the past few years, the city has seen a proliferation of organic food stores, health food shops, and holistic salons. What’s driving this trend?

Well, many are shifting away from synthetic materials in favour of all-natural materials. This trend has been fuelled by the rise of the natural health and wellness community, which have been urging the rest of the world to adopt a lifestyle of being closer to nature.

So, basically, the more you natural, the better. While natural is great for healthy living, natural food options have become extremely popular among the KL population, especially those in the upper and middle classes.

Trend 2 – Bright Colors

Trends are usually anything but safe. And this one is definitely one of the safer ones, but there’s nothing safe about it. According to one survey, people would choose bright colours over grey or black in a room.

The key to using bright colours is to match your accessories with the colour. For example, you can pair yellow and orange accessories with red or green accessories.

Trend 3 – Minimalism

Not too long ago, minimalism was seen as a trend for wealthy people, but now, the trend has spread all across the globe, and it sees an increasing uptake in the Kuala Lumpur apartment market. It is popular for apartments to have a minimalistic design and focus on the function of the room and building rather than the decoration. Whether you choose to use dark-toned hardwood floors or neutral coloured rugs, every inch of your space should have a purpose.

Trend 4 – Mid-century Modern

We’ve seen mid-century modern furniture and décor more often lately, but with a very clean and minimalist style. This trend is especially popular amongst millennials and is perfect for those who appreciate their minimalist taste and love originality. Lighter shades of white, natural wood and metallic finishes like gold or silver make this trend so easy to imitate with almost any decor.

Trend 5 – Industrial Design

Everyone knows the world isn’t exactly a stable place right now. This is why designers are seeing no end to the demand for design that is highly functional and looks futuristic and makes you feel as if you’re living in a different world. This is why Industrial Design is taking over the interior design industry. One of the biggest trends that Industrial Design offers are minimalist kitchens and bathrooms.

Minyan Studio in Bandar Utama is one of the most prominent players in this field. They offer beautiful bathrooms with metal accents and other details. They use a dark background that is not only easy on the eyes but also lets natural light shine through. A small metallic sink or a compact mirror provides some space for natural light to shine through.

Trend 6 – Space-Saving

Interior Clutter is something that the majority of people hate. That’s why designers have been able to maximize space in their buildings and turn what would have been a 30-square-metre room into a 75-square-metre room. The beauty of this trend is that we no longer have to choose between spending time with friends and relaxing in front of the television.

Trend 7 – Earth Tones

The earth tone trend has been around for a while now and still very popular among both homeowners and interior design lovers. The colour itself is neutral but still warm and inviting. The perfect paint colour can completely change the mood in a room.


The overall flow and the tone of the space you create today will change over time. I think that a proper mix of the old and the new is what you should aim for. Don’t let the overwhelming commercialization of the design world overwhelm you. To be honest, there are also interior design trends that we are guilty of enjoying (and participating in) every now and then! Do you think there’s a particular interior design trend that we might be missing?