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C2B2 News Archives (2009)

December 2009
"U.S. DOE Selects ZeaChem for $25 Million Grant" - ZeaChem
"Making green" - nature biotechnology


November 2009
"Ceres Wins $5M Grant to Develop High-Yielding, Low-Input Energy Grasses" - ceres


October 2009
"In Colorado Desert, Hope Blooms for Pond Scum as Fuel" - PBS


August 2009
"The algae solution" - Denver Post
"Algae expert calls LiveFuels' biofuel-from-fish approach not 'impossible'" - Cleantech Group


July 2009
"Heavy Hitters in Algae Fuel Deals" - earth2tech


June 2009
"Making gas from grass" - Coloradan Magazine


April 2009
"Big Oil Sees Promise in Pond Scum" - CNBC


March 2009
"Course on biofuels and biorefining slated" - Denver Post


February 2009
"C2B2 Director Attends Historic Bill Signing" - C2B2



C2B2 News Archives (2008)

December 2008
"Seed Money Awarded for Biofuel Projects" - Denver Business Journal
"Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels Announces 2008 Seed Grant Funding Awards" - CU Boulder


Fall 2008
"Seed Money Awarded for C2B2 Biofuel Projects" - Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation


August 2008
"Colorado State Researchers Land Largest Single Grant to Study Biofuels" - High Plains / Midwest AG


July 2008
"ConocoPhillips to work with Colorado Researchers" - Denver Business Journal
"$5 million pact to study making fuel from algae" - Rocky Mountain News
"ConocoPhillips Announces Partnership with Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels" - CU Boulder


June 2008
"Solar-Powered Biomass Gasification" - Biomass Magazine


March 2008
"CU -Boulder Awarded $1 Million from USDA, DOE for Solar-Thermal Biomass-to-Gas Conversion Project" - CU Boulder
"Colorado Center for Biorefining and Biofuels Engages Worldwide Community" - Inside CU


February 2008
"ConocoPhillips Corporate Learning Center Coming to Colorado" - 9 News
"Oil from Algae: The Next Generation in Biofuel" - Colorado State University
"CSU Joins C2B2 in Quest for Best Biofuels" - CSU Zone
"C2B2 Searches for Best Biofuels" - Domestic Fuel, Alternative Fuel News
"Pine Beetle Kill Problem Could Yield Fuel Source" - Northern Colorado Business Report
"Solar Mirrors Could Array Near DIA" - Rocky Mountain News
"ConocoPhillips Clean Energy Campus" - Rocky Mountain News
"Incubator for Progress" - Rocky Mountain News


C2B2 News Archives (2007)

December 2007
"Power Plants"- 5280 Magazine


November 2007
"Colorado Center For Biorefining and Biofuels Funds 10 Projects" - Environment News Service
"Podcast with Alan Weimer, Executive Director, C2B2" - CU Boulder


October 2007
"Biofuels Consortium Awards $500K in Grants" - Denver Business Journal


Summer 2007
"Plants Matter" - Mines Magazine


March 2007
"Biofuels Center Formed" - Denver Business Journal
"Biofuels Center Grows In West"
- Chemical and Engineering News
"C2B2 Spells Biofuels Research"- Daily Camera
"Center Links Partners In Biofuel Push" - Denver Post
"Colorado Renewable Fuels Venture Teams Scientists" - Environment News Service
"CSU, Institutional Research Partners Announce" - Today Colorado State
"CU-Boulder To Play Lead Role" - CU Boulder News Release
"Renewable Energy in Colorado" - 9 News Video

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