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Our Synergy

C2B2 Project Investigators (PIs) are at the forefront of Center innovation. While our PIs channel their originality into C2B2 research, they also engage and inspire the next generation of scientists in C2B2 education programs.

Project Investigators are listed alphabetically by institution in the following table. Click here to view PIs by research thrust.

C2B2 Project Investigators

University of Colorado at Boulder
Colorado State University
Colorado School of Mines
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

University of Colorado at Boulder
Adams, William Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Bortz, David Applied Mathematics
Bowman, Christopher Chemical & Biological Engineering
Bryant, Stephanie Chemical & Biological Engineering
Copley, Shelley Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Daily, John Mechanical Engineering
Davis, Robert Chemical & Biological Engineering
De Gouw, Joost CIRES
Demmig-Adams, Barbara Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Detweiler, Corrie Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Dilling, Lisa Center for Science & Technology Policy & Research
Eaton, Bruce Chemistry & Biochemistry
Falconer, John Chemical & Biological Engineering
Ferguson, Virginia Mechanical Engineering
George, Steve Chemical & Biological Engineering
Gill, Ryan Chemical & Biological Engineering
Gin, Douglas Chemical & Biological Engineering
Glover, Fred LEEDS School of Business
Helmig, Detlev INSTARR
Hrenya, Christine Chemical & Biological Engineering
Jimenez, Ralph Chemistry & Biochemistry
Kociolek, Patrick Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Koval, Carl Chemistry & Biochemistry
Krauter, Ken Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Kuchta, Robert Chemistry & Biochemistry
Lewis, Bill Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Linden, Karl Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
Liu, Xuedong Chemistry & Biochemistry
Mahoney, Melissa Chemical & Biological Engineering
McCutchan, James Center for Limnology / CIRES
McKnight, Dianne INSTAAR / Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering
Medlin, Will Chemical & Biological Engineering
Milford, Jana Beth Mechanical & Environmental Engineering
Musgrave, Charles Chemical & Biological Engineering
Noble, Richard Chemical & Biological Engineering
Pace, Norman Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Pellegrino, John Mechanical Engineering
Poyton, Bob Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
Randolph, Ted Chemical & Biological Engineering
Schwartz, Dan Chemical & Biological Engineering
Teel, Julie School of Law
Weimer, Al Chemical & Biological Engineering
White, James Geosciences
Colorado State University (CSU)
Archibeque, Shawn Animal Sciences
Argueso, J. Lucas Environmental and Radological Health Sciences
Argueso, Cris Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
Baron, Jill Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Bedinger, Patricia Biology
Betsill, Michele Political Science
Bond, Craig Agricultural Sciences
Bond, Jennifer Agricultural Sciences
Borch, Thomas Soil & Crop Sciences
Bradley, Tom Mechanical Engineering
Bush, Dan Biology
Byrne, Patrick Soil & Crop Sciences
Chen, Eugene Chemistry
Cotrufo, Francesca Soil and Crop Sciences
Dandy, David Chemical & Biological Engineering
DeLong, Susan Civil and Environmental Engineering
Goemans, Christopher Agricultural and Resource Economics
Graff, Gregory Agricultural and resource Economics
Henry, Charles Chemistry
Hoag, Dana Agricultural and Resource Economics
Jahn, Courtney Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
Johnson, Jerry Soil & Crop Sciences
Krummel, Amber Chemistry
Lapitan, Nora Soil and Crop Sciences
Leach, Jan Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Management
Marchese, Anthony Mechanical Engineering
McKay, John Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest
Medford, June Biology
Munsky, Brian Chemical and Biological Engineering
Ojima, Dennis Natural Resource Ecology Lab
Olsen, Daniel Mechanical Engineering
Parton, William J. Natural Resource Ecology Lab
Paustian, Keith Soil & Crop Sciences
Peebles, Christie Chemical and Biological Engineering
Peers, Graham Biology
Pilon, Marinus Biology
Pilon-Smits, Elizabeth Biology
Prasad, Ashok Chemical and Biological Engineering
Reardon, Ken Chemical & Biological Engineering
Reddy, A.S.N. Biology
Santangelo, Tom Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Saunders, Kyle Political Science
Sharvelle, Sybil Civil & Environmental Engineering
Snow, Christopher Chemical and Biological Engineering
Vivanco, Jorge Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Volckens, John Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences
Wallenstein, Matthew Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Weiler, Stephan Economics
Willson, Bryan Mechanical Engineering
Colorado School of Mines (CSM)
Balistreri, Edward Economics and Business
Cath, Tzahi Environmental Science & Engineering
Ciobanu, Christian Engineering
Dean, Anthony Chemical Engineering
Dorgan, John Chemical & Biological Engineering
Drewes, Jorg Environmental Science & Engineering
Herring, Andrew Chemical Engineering
Knauss, Daniel Chemistry & Geochemistry
Liberatore, Matt Chemical Engineering
Lucena, Juan Liberal Arts & International Studies
McKinnon, Tom Chemical Engineering
Mishra, Brajendra Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Munoz, David Engineering
Newman, Alexandra Economics & Business
Olson, David Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Posewitz, Matthew Environmental Science & Engineering
Richards, Ryan Chemistry & Geochemistry
Spear, John Environmental Science & Engineering
Squier, Jeff Physics
Sum, Amadeu Chemical Engineering
Taylor, Patrick Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
Voorhees, Kent Chemistry & Geochemistry
Way, Doug Chemical Engineering
Williams, Kim Chemistry & Geochemistry
Wu, David Chemical Engineering
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
Aabakken, Jorn Strategic Energy Analysis & Applications Center
Baldwin, Bob National Bioenergy Center
Davis, Mark National Bioenergy Center
Deutch, Steve National Bioenergy Center
Elander, Rick National Bioenergy Center
Ghirardi, Maria Chemical & Biosciences Center
Himmel, Mike Chemical & Biosciences Center
Jarvis, Eric National Bioenergy Center
Johnson, David National Bioenergy Center
Laurens, Lieve National Bioenergy Center
Magrini-Bair, Kim National Bioenergy Center
Maness, Pin-Ching Chemical and Biosciences Center
Mann, Margaret Strategic Energy Analysis Center
McCormick, Bob Center for Transportation Technologies & Systems
McMillan, Jim National Bioenergy Center
Nimlos, Mark National Bioenergy Center
Schell, Dan National Bioenergy Center
Seibert, Mike Chemical & Biosciences Center
Simpson, Lin National Bioenergy Center
Stickel, Jonathan National Bioenergy Center
Vinzant, Todd Chemical & Biosciences Center
Wolfrum, Ed National Bioenergy Center
Yung, Matthew National Bioenergy Center
Ziebell, Angela National Bioenergy Center
Zhang, Min National Bioenergy Center

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